Filename Changes for Agent Greeting with CVP 11.5(1)

WHAT: Starting with CVP 11.5(1) and onward the file naming convention used when the WAV file recording of an Agent Greeting (AG) is saved has changed.

BACKGROUND: For those that don’t know what AG is the following is an explanation though chances are high if you are reading this still you know what we are talking about.  Anyway here is the by the book definition taken from one of the official Cisco guides  Agent Greeting feature lets you record a message that plays automatically to callers when they connect to you. Your greeting message can welcome the caller, identify yourself, and include other useful contextual information. With Agent Greeting, each caller can receive a clear, well-paced, language-appropriate, and enthusiastic introduction. And it saves you, the agent, from having to repeat the same introductory phrase for each call”

OFFICIAL EXPLANATION: Going through the link you can find here we have this nice little section tucked at the very end of this section which tells the whole story, This release includes a change in the Agent Greeting file naming convention. The greeting file is now named using the convention PersonID_AgentGreetingType (instead of LoginName_AgentGreetingType). Because of this change, existing agent greeting files do not play until they are either rerecorded or renamed.

THOUGHTS: So this one got me right in the middle of going from PCCE 10.5(3) to PCCE 11.6(1). We all know the tried and true naming convention of Agent Greeting in previous versions of CVP:  loginname_AGType.wav or for example 1234_1.wav.

Most exciting because as we see above with this version of CVP their is a substantial change to what CVP is looking for on AG. The AGType component of the file doesn’t change any so you will still have your 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, 3 for Elvish or whatever other call types you have defined. What we want to focus on is the first element and sadly their is no administratively easy way to get that info but wait hiding in the documentation section of this a PERL script based approach that will , when you apply some logic to it, rename your current WAV files to the new expected file format.

This conversion process works and works damn well when you follow all the steps given. To quickly go over those steps:

  1. Copy or backup WAV files
  2. Run a SQL query against your AWDB to list the files to be renamed
    1. Adjust your query as needed depending your version
  3. Save query results to a CSV
  4. Save migration PERL script to same dir as CSV from line 3 above
  5. Run migration PERL script
  6. Bask in the glory of converted WAV files and copy to appropriate place on your CVP servers.

BONUS POINTS: Depending on your version of what or where you are trying to do this from but over all this SQL query run against the AWDB should give you the ability to manually get the PERSON ID assuming you know the PeripheralNumber which equates to the Agent ID and you can easily get that from CCE admin among other places.

Wildcards to change

  1. DB NAME = name of your AWDB
  2. AGENT ID = value defined at the CCE user level

FROM [DB NAME].[dbo].[t_Agent] where PeripheralNumber='AGENT ID'


  1. Installation and Upgrade Guide for Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal, Release 11.5(1)
  2. PCCE Agent Greeting
  3. UCCE Agent Greeting

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