Cisco Live 2018 – Prep Week

This time next week I will be sitting in my hotel room in Orlando ready for Summer Camp with Friends or as it is more commonly known CLUS (Cisco Live US) and I can’t wait!

This year will be my first as a Cisco Champion and the recently re-branded as Webex Teams (Spark) Ambassador so that has opened a few new opportunities but most importantly a whole new group of amazing people to meet and network with.

Sure I am not looking forward to the heat and humidity but looking forward to learning more, to come back a better Collab\Contact Center Engineer then I am now and most importantly to come together again with a group of people that although for all but this week of this year I only see virtually mean so much to me.

Every year I say ” I am going to take it a bit easier with session load” so of course this year between Sunday and Monday I am in QTY 3 of the 4 hour lab sessions:

  1. UCCE Call Flow (yes I know the PCCE call flow is different)
  2. CVP Troubleshooting
  3. Cisco and Microsoft Federation 

The rest of my week is a mixture of PCCE, Finesse and Cisco+MSFT based sessions along with some CCP specific opportunities. DevNet sessions will be attended as much as possible. Get on that train or get out of the way because the world is no longer about punch down tools and DTMF but rather API’s and SDK’s.

Alright , too many hockey pucks to the head make me think that pace is a good idea…speaking of which ….We have a Bubble Hockey thing going on hopefully with a few will be posted and cups will be won.

Anyway getting back to the important stuff.. I’m excited because a previous co-worker that has been an SE for awhile will be there. I’m excited because members of our account team will be there. I’m excited because it’s time to activate the Sherpa powers for Denise Fishburne. I’m excited to see the impact that Amy Engineer has on not just those that are lucky enough to know her but for thousands of technical people around the world.  Most of all I’m just excited to spend 5 days surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.


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