In life there are a few key concepts that keep me going and moving forward. It’s a mixture of military concepts , things I have noticed or things I have heard at places like CLUS or other points in my life.

They might not work for everyone but they have always worked for me so here they are for anyone interested:

  1. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. 
  2. You can’t always make the perfect decision but always try and make the right decision. 
  3. People say “work smarter , not harder” and I 100% disagree because to be elite you need to work harder and smarter then everyone else.  
  4. Develop, market and sell your own personal brand.
  5. “No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.” No technical plan survives first contact with an unexpected problem.  “In planning for battle I have always found that plans are useless but planning is indispensable.” 
  6. Create multiple professional relationships as having access to the knowledge set of other professionals is one of your greatest tools. 
  7. If you are confident and believe in yourself then redirect all praise to others while making sure to take as much blame away from everyone else. 
  8. As the pressure mounts your individual focus needs to sharpen while your personal calmness needs to increase. 
  9. Earn professional trust with repetition of words and acts. 
  10. Do not complain unless you have a viable possible solution.
  11. Be passionate in whatever you are doing.
  12. Seeing friends or co-workers succeed is more rewarding then achieving individual success.
  13. Have fun , life is a beautiful thing and worth enjoying. 

Some of those sound silly, some of those sound trite or forced but in reality they are , for me, words to live by. Last year someone heard me use one of them and they now believe in that same specific concept. The key thing, if none of these thoughts work for you on an individual level, create your own and let them direct you in life.

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