Just a guy that likes phones and the various ways by which people collaborate. Other fun things I enjoy include being an audiophile, going for wins in COD: Warzone , knowing too much about obscure horror films and seeing which stories get me laughs vs which get me disapproving looks.

YouTube Content creators consume much of my free time. Horror , CoD , Music. If it’s a useful channel around one of these then chances are I have watched it or subscribed to the creator.

Over the past 2.5 years I have been lucky enough to work for Blizzard Entertainment. During this time I have met some of the most passionate , smartest, funniest, caring people that have journeyed with me through my career.   I still wake up every day as that fanboy of 20 some years ago , look at the Blizzard logos that occupy my office and shake my head in amazement. 

I love talking, trying to entertain people, trying to get them to laugh or to help them understand things that I have any level of knowledge on. Want to know how to leverage all the advanced features on a Microsoft Elite Controller 2 then feel free to ask and hours later you will most likely block me as I will still be talking about it.

[ 2018-2020 Cisco Champion | CCNP Collaboration | CCNA WiFi | VMWare Certified Associate (DBT) – Lots of useless Nortel and Avaya certs ]

Bub and Some Dude

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