Just a guy that likes phones and making them work. Along with Supernatural, hockey, horror films , music and hanging out with people at CLUS. Rumor has it I also serve as a sherpa for a certain Fish.

This odd journey known as life has also lead me professionally to a company , Blizzard Entertainment, that I was a fanboy of 20 some years ago during Diablo era gaming. That outcome has allowed me to work at Blizzcon for the past two years. To travel out to Blizzard Main Campus in California. To learn more of the game industry. I now have an Activision email.

These are all things that as a young kid playing video games I never in my wildest dreams saw as a possible outcome of my career but that all changed 2 years ago . My stein is inbound and I look forward to earning my sword and shield.

[ 2018-2020 Cisco Champion | 2018 Spark Ambassador | CCNP Collaboration | CCNA WiFi | Lots of useless Nortel and Avaya certs ]


Bub and Some Dude


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