Rethinking Collab Thanks to CLUS and DevNet



Here we are a few days after CLUS 2018 in Orlando and everything was great. I had arguably the greatest car ride ever to the CAE with A Fish, A Ginger , A Hat and an SE.  A Webex Teams Master and I tried to run a Physical Security Op against a vendor in the WoS and came very close. I got to take part in the Cisco Champions Behind the Scenes Tour which turned out to be one of my favorite things. I plan on doing another entry just about CLUS but I want to go over a concept that came out of the first session I was in on Sunday which was a 4 hour Deep Dive into CVP.

This session was essentially broken down into the following 2 categories:

  1. Traditional CVP information: The how, what, when , why
  2. DevNet Flavor of CVP: Full stack programming leveraging CVP

It’s that second item I want to talk about in this post.

My guess is if you know what CVP is or how to support it then you are somewhat familiar with Collab and the role CVP plays in Cisco Call Centers. You know, Call Centers those things where ACD routing and call queuing seem to dominate everything. In 2018 that thinking is no longer applicable which is what this session really tried to get across. Which brings me around to DevNet or coding in general. As the last 2 hours of the CVP session ended I was watching the reactions of what I guess are legacy Collab folks wondering what JSON, middleware and JavaScript among other things has to do with ringtone and endpoints.  Ask me that a few years ago and I might agree but having invested in the Webex Teams\Spark Ambassador program I was able to get the launching point I needed to move into the wonderful world of APIs\SDKs and various middleware and languages.

This has completely changed the way I approach Collab projects. Where before my thoughts were “are my local route patterns built right” or “do I have the correct CSS to call something” I now find myself thinking wouldn’t it be great to not think just about those traditional UC items but how to grow call flows and expand them out in ways we have never done before.

So with all that being said lets see where all this takes us, I am excited to keep moving forward and seeing how the Collab and DevNet worlds weave together and expand the way people communicate.

Getting Started:

Webex Teams Ambassador Program


Getting Started With AXL

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