Receiving Cisco Contact Center Update Notices in Webex Teams

I have a few different posts queued up that I am working on but this one is too useful , I think, to not make it a priority.

At CLUS in June I was in a session talking about rethinking what is possible with CVP and how you can leverage different API’s, SDK’s or whatever to go beyond traditional deployments.  This has really changed the way I approach the Cisco Contact Center space and ever since then I have been looking for ways to incorporate different elements into that world.

Everyone in the that Contact Center space, regardless of if its UCCX or PCCE or full blown UCCE, knows just how complex and how many different software elements make that engine go. From CVP to ICM to CUIC to Finesse and everything in between their are a million components meaning their are just as many if not more chances for bugs to creep up. It is inevitable for something like that to happen with so many moving parts and it is just as inevitable that their will be software updates , ES (Engineering Special) releases , hotfixes or similar items that come out to fix those issues. Previous notification of such was done in a few different ways either by the web, social media on critical items, your Account Team, email or some other manner.

Enter Webex Teams to make such release notifications substantially easier in my opinion. 

At some point recently Cisco started compiling all ES release notes in a nice table which sadly seems to only be in the partner space currently that or my current entitlements are wrong for access to it. I’m investigating that but I can tell you if you can get to the table it’s a great resource when looking for update knowledge which you can find here: Cisco Contact Center ES Release Table

What I want to focus on is this bottom section of the page which gives you a way to get update info directly into Webex Teams:


How To Get Notified About New ESs

Charlie is a bot which provides latest information about Latest Engineering Specials and other important updates.

  • Open Webex Teams.
  • Send a message ‘hi’ to
  • Or add to any group.

Okay great so what does this actually do?

Once you add this bot then you are greeted by this welcome which gives you base info along with the current supported command list:


Seems pretty straight forward , lets run one of these commands and see what happens. I’ll go with /ucce-updates-latest which it says will show me the 3 latest updates about Unified CCE solution releases and sure enough that is what I get:


Pretty damn useful if you ask me and what is great is this bot doesn’t seem to be limited to just release updates as you can see by that last item above. Another example is this alert that came across previously talking about the Expansion of the Contact Center Solutions Plus Program: 


While I am aware you can get this kind of info in different ways I see a huge ROI on this approach. Being able to add it to a space where you have your contact center team or just in general a more proactive notification approach like this can’t be beat. It’s not the same as getting yet another email notice as I find the nature of persistent chat solutions like Webex Teams to be more elegant.

Alright that is enough for this Sunday morning. Remember, keep rethinking your Contact Center experience and growing your knowledge base on a daily basis!





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